For this new artwork (Nr. 2015-17) I used green, red, yellow and white dispersion paint (on an acrylic basis) and my bare hands to paint it! It was a mess and it took me days to get my fingernails back to what they looked like before but it was also a lot of fun! — 100x100cm canvas–

Für dieses neue Bild (Nr. 2015-17) habe ich grüne, rote, gelbe und weisse Dispersionsfarbe (auf Acrylbasis) und meine bloßen Hände benützt. Es war wirklich eine Sauerei und es hat Tage gebraucht, bis meine Fingernägel wieder so aussahen, wie davor, aber es hat auch eine Menge Spaß gemacht! — 100x100cm Leinwand–

Nr. 2015-17
That’s what my hands looked like 🙂

2 thoughts on “bare-handed

  1. You do better every day Nadine! This work really moved my soul. My congrats! I like to get my hands dirty too, as well as my clothes, hair, face… For me is a instinctive act. When I see, there’s paint all over me. It’s a nice sensation.

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