France je t’adore

This year we spent our summer vacation in beautiful France. We drove about 11 hours to get to the western Bretagne. We really liked it there. The long beaches, the lovely little stone houses, the delicious crepes and the amazing landscape. The weather was cloudy, sometimes a little rainy and sunny. We spent some time on the beach, at the harbour watching the fishermen come home, we drove to the amazing Pointe de Penhir with dreamy beaches and an amazing view over the atlantic ocean. We visited the lovely city Quimper with all the little old houses and streets. Then we drove to Mont Saint Michel, which wasn’t really on the way to Paris but we really wanted to see it. There were lots of other tourists which is totally understandable because the place is incredible. The next stop was Versailles. It was the first time visiting the chateau and it was mindblowing. The chateau and the gardens are so huge. The rooms are opulent and colorful. We could only see a little part of the gardens because it is simply not possible to walk that much in one day. After that we had 2 days to do some sightseeing in Paris. Not that much time but we saw a lot. I just love this city because of all the history, the breathtaking architecure, the atmosphere, the millions of people from everywhere, the amazing museums, the many amazing but too expensive shops, and so on! Hope to be back soon

all photos are directly from my camera and just the way I took them, so without any changes afterwards!

chasing the wind
cloudy day on the beach
fishermen in Guilvinec
fishermen arriving at the harbour in Guilvines
Guilvinec fishermen
sunset in Penmarch
sunset in Penmarch
lovely stone house at the coast
Pointe de Penhir
Pointe de Penhir
amazing beach
Mont Saint Michel
Tourists on their way to Mont Saint Michel
Versailles chateau
the gardens of Versailles
luckily we were the only ones at the Louvre 🙂
nice view over Paris from the rooftop of the galleries Lafayette
Montmartre and a few tourists
infront of Sacre Coeur
infront of Sacre Coeur
Laduree macarons
delicious Laduree macarons
31 rue Cambon
31 rue Cambon
La tour Eiffel
view from top of the eiffel tower

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